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The 2017 UConn’s Drunk Food Bracket Winner: Wing’s Over Storrs

 Over the last 3 weeks The Black Sheep has been dedicating our journalistic integrity to a very important story/cause: UConn’s Drunk Food Bracket. Unfortunately our school has been obliterated and left to the wolves with no wins in either bracket. We’re shook. We’ve only been able to take a small shred of happiness in being able to have our say in the bracket that really matters.

After three grueling weeks of voting that had us on our toes we finally having our winner:

Wings Over Storrs 

We were surprised by the outcome, as WOS started out as a number three seed. In the final round they were up against two seed Sgt. Pep’s, a pretty heavy competitor. But the people have spoken and the students of UConn just love to end their drunken escapades with meat in their mouths. What’s the best place for purchasing simply a pound of saucy meat? Wings Over.  

Wings Over Storrs has a prime location close enough from Ted’s and Huskies to walk to AND they got A1 delivery service. WOS has flavors to suit everyone’s need in your friend group, except the vegetarian but also why are you friends with a vegetarian?

We’d like to send our congratulations to Wing’s Over Storrs on the win, and we will be accepting celebratory wings in bbq or buffalo flavors, with ranch on the side. Feel free to contact for details, because we love meat!

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