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Drinking Game: Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

What’s more fun than scrambling around campus in the middle of the night while you’re hammered? Doing it blindfolded! With this drinking game, you and your friends can challenge your group’s sense of direction and laugh obnoxiously every time one of you stumbles into a brick building.


*The Black Sheep doesn’t ~fully~ condone drinking on city busses, even though it’s super fun.


What You’ll Need:

A blindfold, shot glasses for each player, booze of your choice, and an expert knowledge of the bus system (or at least a functionally intoxicated one).


Number of Players:

As many players as you can incorporate without making so much of a scene that you get caught by the cops, or, worse, kicked off the bus.


Level of Intoxication:

The eyes on the bus roll round n’ round.


How to Play:

As an equalizer, everyone takes one shot.

-The person whose classes that day ended the latest is the first victim. If there’s a tie, go old school and Rock-Paper-Scissors it out.

-Everyone heads to the nearest bus stop. Once you board the bus, the person chosen is blindfolded and ear-plugged.

-The other players collaborate to pick a location to take the blindfolded person to.

-Once everyone reaches the designated location, the blindfolded person must guess where they are. Before guessing, the other players give a hint about the location.

-Each time the blindfolded player guesses wrong, they must take another shot. A maximum of three hints can be given per location.

-If the player guesses correctly, they select the next victim, and the cycle continues. Every player must be chosen once before repeats are allowed.

-If the player guesses incorrectly, they are still blindfolded and taken to a different selected location, where they must guess again.


The Game Ends When:

You’re so drunk you all start fighting over who gets to take the 40-something bus driver home.

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