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Drinking Game: Ping-Pong Panic

Is there anything truly better than getting totally smashed while grabbing at balls? Of course not! So this week, The Black Sheep has prepared a fun drinking game that involves a lot of balls and a whole lot of fun, too.


What You’ll Need:

One ping-pong ball for every player, one drink per person, a deck of cards and an empty cup.


Number of Players:



Level Of Intoxication:

You’ll be so drunk you won’t even remember that you just spent $500 Christmas shopping on Amazon Prime.


How To Play:

– Players sit in a circle or around a circle table.

– Put one less ping pong balls in the center as there are players. So for example, if there are 5 players, put 4 balls in the center of the table or area.

– Everyone pours a small amount of their drink into the empty cup in the middle of the table.

– One player starts with the deck of cards.

– He/she deals four cards to each player and keeps the rest of the deck for him/herself.

– That player starts the game after everyone has looked over their cards by picking up one card at a time, and either keeping that card, or passing the card to the player on the left.

– Each player’s objective is to get a sequence of four cards. For example, a 2, 3, 4, and 5 of any kind. You can also play with 4 of a kind so, for example, 4 5’s, 4 Kings, 4 9’s, etc.

– Once the first player has a sequence or 4 of a kind, they grab for a ping pong ball. Then, this signals the other players to start grabbing for them also. The person who doesn’t get a ball loses the round and has to drink the mixture in the middle.

– Then the game resets and the cards are dealt out again.


The Game Ends When:

Everyone thinks it’s already 2017 and balls are flyin’ everywhere, if you get what we’re saying.


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