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Drinking Game: Slaps and Spades

Is there anything truly more riveting than injuring your friends? The Black Sheep doesn’t think so. That’s why this week’s drinking game is all about slapping your friends and drinking—the American Dream.


What You’ll Need:

1 deck of cards, a table to sit around, a 24-pack of beer and/or a handle of some sort of liquor.


Number of Players:

6-10; however many players can sit around a table.


Level Of Intoxication:

You won’t even remember how many times your roommates made your drunk ass cry last night.


How To Play:

– Everybody starts sitting around a table, each with a drink.

– Every player has to have one of their hands above the surface of the table at all times.

– Deal 4 cards per player.

– Starting with 1 player and going clock-wise, draw 1 card, don’t reveal it.

– The player can then either keep that card and put down 1 of their originals, or pass the card they just drew to the next player.

– The goal is to get 4 spades in your possession.

– The cards keep moving around the table until someone has 4 spades of any suit.

– The player then slaps the hand of 4 of the players next to them.

– The player who is slapped has to take three drinks, everyone else but the slapper has to take one drink.

– Reshuffle and re-deal the cards.


The Game Ends When:

Everyone is drunk sobbing because all of their friends are slapping them.

We’ve all got D.A.D.S., just maybe not the kind you were thinking of:


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