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5 Places to Eat in Baton Rouge When You’re Absolutely Sh*tfaced

With midterms coming up quick, there has been a spike in the amount of alcohol consumed daily per LSU student. But with great alcoholism comes great responsibility. One of the most important components of being drunk is figuring out the best places to eat after a long night of drinking away the pain of your exams. Here are the best places to do so:

5). Roul’s Deli:

If you’re ever in the mood to have explosive sh*t from both food and alcohol, Roul’s Deli is a top contender for where to eat when you’re intoxicated past the point of no return. Order a burger and ask them to pour a Mike’s Hard Lemonade all over it. Go big or go home.

4.) Akasha Market:

With its convenient location right behind Reginald’s Upscale Bar, Akasha Market is the perfect place to end your inebriated night out with a little class. Despite the high level of class required to dine at this fine eatery, there is no need for an outfit change to dine in. Show up in your piss saturated denim skirt with an appetite bigger than your sex drive.

3.) Tiger Trails:

Before you go out, pack some granola bars for the ride back home on Tiger Trails. Even though you only have to travel two miles, this bus ride is going to take three hours minimum. No one is sure why or how bus rides on Tiger Trails take this long, but we do know that if you don’t bring snacks, you’ll have a long night.

2.) Fred’s:

While unlikely, there is a small chance that Fred’s in Tigerland will still have some leftover crawfish after you long night out. This option is especially convenient if your night out was in Tigerland.

1.) McDonald’s Dumpster:

Although it is the least classy of the options, the McDonald’s dumpster is the most cost-efficient drunk food option. In addition to the cheap cost of a meal here, there is also a shock factor because you never know what treasures you may find!

Hopefully these fine dining options weren’t too overwhelming and you’re able to choose a place to end your drunken evenings. Bon appetite, Tigers.


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