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What is the LSU Eno Community Hiding in Those Things?


Anytime you’re on LSU’s campus, you’re bound to see hundreds of Chaco-wearing, granola-eating students holed up in Enos in a modern-day shantytown. But what are they doing in there? What are they storing? We have a few ideas on what the people of the Eno community could be hiding in those things.

5.) Turtles:

What other reason would a person set up an Eno by the trash-ridden campus lake other than to collect hundreds of turtles that camp out in the lake throughout the semester? There’s definitely a shitload of turtles in those Enos.

4.) Eggs:

The flexible, soft material of an Eno is an ideal environment to store eggs without cracking them. It’s highly possible that the good people of the Eno community are just hanging out in there, storing eggs.

3.) Vinyl:

If you’re in an Eno, there’s a good chance you’re hipster as shit and listen to music only on vinyl. Since there’s ample room in an Eno for more than one person, the space is usually just filled with a record player and Tame Impala’s entire discography.

2.) Cigarette Butts:

Similar to the aforementioned Tame Impala listeners, cigarette smokers are more than common on our campus, despite the “no tobacco policy” LSU has failed to enforce. In a desperate attempt to hide their nicotine addictions from LSUPD, some Eno members of Smoker’s Alley have started to stockpile cigarette butts in their Enos.

1.) Wine:

Why would these people stay burrowed in their personal hammocks for a reason other than wine? There is none. The Eno people are simply too wine-drunk to remove themselves from their sky beds.

Although highly unlikely, these are not the ONLY solutions as to what the people of the Eno community are hiding in those things. The next time you’re walking in the quad, peer over into an Eno and check out what they’re hiding in there.


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