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Moonlight Wins Last Minute Best Picture After Academy Voters Heard It Was Good

Coming-of-age film Moonlight won three Oscars, including a very last-minute Best Picture. Amid controversy, Academy voters were happy to see the film win and cited a very specific reason for why they voted for the film in the first place.


“I heard Moonlight was fantastic,” said long-time Academy voter Matthew Carney. “I uh, didn’t see it, but a guy I was sitting next to a few minutes ago told me the cast was uh, colorful and excellent, so I had to give them my vote.”


The proud Academy voter heard about some powerful scenes from the movie while speaking to other Academy voters about the film during a commercial break.



“I’m excited to see the scene with the moon and the beautiful light that it exudes from it,” said Carney.


Some Academy voters were embarrassed by the mix-up for Best Picture, however, when La La Land was accidentally announced as Best Picture instead of Moonlight


“This is easily the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to white people,” said Academy voter Charles Davis said. “Accepting a prize for a person of color’s work is something we’ve never done before.” 


However, Carney was happy to see Moonlight win the top prize and plans to see the film eventually.


“I promise I’ll eventually go out to the theatres see the apparently amazing Moonlight,” said Davis. “But, I need to see La La Land about 100 more times.”



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