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Student Glances at Clock Before Returning Attention to Professor

University of Colorado Boulder sophomore Ryan Gilmore stole a quick glance at the classroom clock in Anthropology 101 last Wednesday afternoon before focusing back on the present lecture.


 In an exclusive interview, the student claims to have wanted to check the time to see approximately how many minutes were left of the class, before it was time to leave.


“My teacher was just getting into the development of cultures in non-Western societies when I guess I got a little antsy,” explained Gilmore, “Even though I was interested in the topic at hand, I was eager to see how many minutes we had left of class. I had guessed between five and seven, maybe six. It turned out to be eight.”


Gilmore also blamed his unruly action on his after-school plans, which he was admittedly excited for.


“I was excited to go to Mickey D’s with my buddy Pablo. We wanted to get McFlurries and fries and then chill at his place and maybe smoke a joint,” said Gilmore.


“The only issue was that we’d rather smoke before we eat, but we didn’t want the McFlurries to melt. And we couldn’t just save the fries for after we smoked because we had to dip those in the McFlurries,” he continued, “So we ended up eating Mickey D’s, smoking a joint, then going to Taco Bell and getting those Dorito things.”


Gilmore, furthermore, attributed his darting eyes to his general impatience.


“I get bored easily and needed to look around, so I looked at the clock. I wanted to check the time anyway,” said the student, “I couldn’t keep my eyes set on the professor the whole time; I need a change of scenery every once in a while, you know? I blame the increasing transient qualities and instantaneity of technology.”


Gilmore believes he did no harm, as his professor did not seem to notice him look at the clock. We reached out to Dr. Lindsey Pierce for comment.


“No, I didn’t see Ryan look at the clock during class,” said Pierce, “To be honest I can’t even picture which one Ryan is. However I was very aware of some students not so subtly packing their bags when there was still ten minutes left of class. That always stings a little.”


“I’m gonna try to stop rushing through life next time I’m in class and be more self aware,” promised Gilmore before checking his wristwatch, “I knew I shouldn’t have done it, but I didn’t realize how looking at the clock could distract others and affect my own ability to learn. Makes me think that all life is is checking the time and getting from point A to point B. I gotta live in the moment.”


For now, Gilmore just has to get through ENC1102 before calling it a day.


“Look I gotta go to my next class ENC1102,” he said hurriedly, “Then I’m seeing Pablo later.”

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