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Trump Fires Attorney General on First Episode of The Political Apprentice

Americans rejoice as Donald Trump announces that Attorney General, Sally Yates, is the first to be fired on the re-boot of The Apprentice, titled The Political Apprentice. Viewers later took to Facebook to show support for their hero. 


“This Yates character, woo-whee, I couldn’t take another minute’a her. She’s not even a looker, ya know what I mean,” Kentucky native, Bobby Smith said, “The President’s assignment for the week was a bit challenging for all them dumb liberals to understand, but all she had to do was send a few lawyers out to battle those walking bombs tryin’a come into our country.”


Smith began posting on Facebook when Trump announced that his presidency was just a really elaborate promo for the 16th season of The Political Apprentice. He also proudly attributed Trump’s Twitter, not @POTUS, for most of his knowledge about politics.


“I’m not sure where this lady gets off thinkin’ she can jus’ disobey executive order, even if she has an actual law degree and might think it’s unlawful? He the President, what he say the law, the law! The show is gonna really change folks’ opinions about this ‘ministration,” Smith said, “My favorite episode of The Apprentice was in season 15, it was called ‘I Don’t Have Time for Anyone’s Ego Except My Own.’ My NObama lovin’ neighbors stopped watching with me on season three because they said that constantly firing people wasn’t actually going to get any work done.”


Claire Walker, Smith’s “NObama lovin’” neighbor that actively removed Trump lawn signs throughout the race, plans to boycott The Apprentice for the rest of the upcoming seasons.


“It’s completely insane! This President just puts a 90-day ban on seven countries travel and doesn’t bat an eye,” Walker said,” of course there’s going to be backlash, there’s been protests since the day after the inauguration. People with morals aren’t going to stand for this nonsense!”


The Walker family plans on spending an hour at the local airport for the next 90 days to stand in solidarity with the seven countries ban from travel.


“My neighbors can go to the airport as many times as they want but they ain’t lettin’ those people in,” Smith said, “we’ll let the door hit ‘em where the good lord split ‘em for sure.”


The Smith family is looking forward to watching next week’s Political Apprentice on their new 65’ smart TV with some chips and salsa and all of their new Facebook friends.


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