A Poem for Lacey Holsworth, Queen of March


March has a Queen, and her name is Miss Madness

She preys on weak teams and laughs at fans’ sadness

They say that her soul is made of upsets and spiders

And that one day a young girl will take her place and be kinder

But that day hasn’t come, no, not until now

Yes, it seemed Princess Lacey needed a bigger crown

At first she was lonely, in need of Prince Charming fast

Then came Mr. Payne, stopping by after class

“Superman!” she exclaimed, “You’re finally here!”

“I’m your big bro, Lacey. I’ll always been near”

The two talked and laughed and began to decide

That Miss Madness was mean; it was Lacey’s time to shine

But she couldn’t do it alone, she needed some help

“I can’t beat the Queen of March all by myself!”

Adreian told her that together they’d win

And Lacey smiled her adorable smile, an ear-to-ear grin

“OK, big bro—time to take down this Queen”

“Well first,” said Payne, “we need a Sweet 16”

So the Spartans fought hard, against all malice

To Madison Square Garden—Queen March’s Palace

“Uh oh,” said Lacey. “This is scary, we’re finally here!”

“Grab my hand,” said Payne. “We’re Spartans: no fear”

The doors opened wide and the duo walked through

Ready to take on Virginia, and the evil Queen too

But what happened next was truly amazing

The crowd stood on their feet, cheering and praising

The game hadn’t started, not a bucket was scored

But Lacey and Adreian ruled the whole floor

Every fan shouted, regardless of team

“Lacey, we love you!” and “Take down that Queen!”

Then Lacey looked up and burst out in laughter

It was Evil Queen March coming down from the rafters!

“Ha!” said Adreian, “She’s not even scary!”

“You’re right!” said Lacey, “She looks like a fairy!”

“I’ve been waiting for you, Lacey” the Queen said with a smile

“No one has been brave enough, not for a long while”

“Now’s your chance!” Adreian leaned down and told her

Then he lifted young Lacey on top of his shoulders

“I’d like that crown,” said Lacey “I think we have earned it”

“Yes you have,” said the Queen, “I think you deserve it”

Then she placed the sparkling jewels on Lacey’s head

“Now you’re Queen Lacey!” Adreian said

So now it is true, it is clear in our hearts

That Princess Lacey is the new Queen of March


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