Alcohol Review: Canadian Hunter Whiskey


Canadian Hunter Whiskey

Grade A


Introduction As many of you know, we here at The Black Sheep don’t just walk into the liquor store and blindly grab whatever will f- us up the fastest. No, we first check the price tag, then study the pretty labels on each bottle. And let me tell you, Canadian Hunter Whiskey has one of the best. There is something about having a burly mustachioed man handling two giant huskies in one hand and handling a large gun in the other. I mean, I could barely get it out of the store before I started sucking it up! Or down. I don’t really know how that phrase works. 


History So apparently Canadian Hunter Whiskey is not sold in Canada, only made in Canada and shipped to the U.S. Now you might be thinking, “I only drink whiskey made in the U.S.A.”, but come on, it’s Canada. Back during the Revolutionary War when the French were escaping Mexico (Now Wisconsin) for religious and sexual freedom, they found themselves surviving merely on alcohol. Tagging groups of dogs together and sleighing around with guns, the French hunters needed something to keep them extra warm so they concocted a special whiskey that made their alcohol coats as thick as the dogs that pulled them. So as it gets cold and shitty here in the Midwest, feel free to keep a bottle of Canadian Hunter on you at all times. 


Typical Drinkers Tom Sellick, people who wear Tom Sellick mustaches, people who tote large guns and are led around by a pack of dogs, B.A.M.F.’s, and people who still use the term B.A.M.F.


User Comments

“This shit is B.A.M.F.” 

“I like this guy’s mustache, he is a B.A.M.F. I also like Dane Cook still.”

“This tastes nice.”


Overview Although this stuff comes in plastic, it doesn’t taste like your typical choke-it-down plastic whiskey. No, this will actually have you thinking, “You know, maybe I do like whiskey for its taste rather than it f’ing me up.” Look at you kid, maybe you’re growin’ up. But seriously, it’s cheap and good. Thus the “A.” Don’t really know what else to tell ya besides to go pick this bottle up instead of whatever you usually choose, Evan Williams or something. You know, try something new for a change! Live a little!


Mixer Station

Alone – B

Coke –A

Water – B+

7&7 – A

From a boot – A- 


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