Alcohol Review: Pinnacle Whipped Cream Flavored Vodka


Grade: B-


Introduction: We decided to drink a real man’s man drink this week at the ol’ The Black Sheep, so of course our first choice was whipped cream-flavored vodka. Oh wait, I was just informed that many consider whipped cream vodka to be a girly drink. Hmm, no wonder it came with a free box of those little drink umbrellas. Either way, being 5-year-olds in the body of 21-year-olds, we couldn’t pass up something with the words “whipped cream” in the title. It’s the same reason we ended up with a lifetime supply of Cotton Candy-flavored laxatives.


History: Back in 1992, the Pinnacle Alcohol Co. was much different. They specialized in grain alcohol and the only other product they sold was a ticket for a man to come over to the buyer’s house and punch them in the stomach. Then their 102-year-old CEO died and the company was finally able to hire women. This change brought a new marketing goal with it: try to make something that people would actually enjoy drinking and focus less on physically hurting the customer. So the ol’ whiz kids in marketing whipped up Whipped Cream Vodka. Haha, what a great pun!


Typical Drinker: Stay-Puff Marshmallow Men, sorority girls, sorority moms, sorority dogs, a recovering nitric oxide addict who needs a fix, future diabetics, idiots who say “whip” cream instead of “whipped” cream, idiots who get mad at the former idiots, children we trick into getting drunk, people who use Bing to search "Pinnacle Whipped vodka recipes" and come up with nothing


Overall Opinion: If we had only taken a shot of this stuff and then walked away, it probably would’ve gotten an A+. On first sip, Pinnacle Whipped Cream Vodka taste exactly like whipped cream and nothing like vodka. But being the alcoholics that we are, we drank the whole bottle. And when you have 3 glasses of whipped cream, you don’t feel so good. But for people who like drinking but hate the taste of booze, this would be great. But try not to hang out with a person like that.


The Mixer Center:

With Root Beer: A

With Regular Beer: D+

With Your Nephew: B

With A Sexy Female: B+

In a shot with GoldSchlager: A-


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