Booze Review: Evan Williams Cinnamon Reserve


Grade: B


Overview: Nothing tastes like the beginning of fall like intense cinnamon whiskey; good thing we had some Evan Williams Cinnamon Reserve lying around. Tossing back a few shots of this bad boy is not only totally pimp, but also a good substitute for the notorious cinnamon challenge.


History: It was the 1990s, and the William Wrigley Jr. Company was in a slump. One of their most popular flavors of gum, Big Red, had recently been pulled from shelves in the United Kingdom and Ireland. After losing a major part of the market, Wrigley needed something to get consumers looking at them again. They experimented with other flavors of gum to appease their neighbors across the sea, but packages of Fish ‘n’ Chips and Shepherd’s Pie weren’t necessarily flying off the shelves. Research and trial flavors went on for years, but it wasn’t until recently that current CEO Martin Radvan had an epiphany.


“Why are we focused so much on giving them gum?” he said. “If they really chewed some Orbit on a regular basis, their teeth probably wouldn’t be so disgusting. Let’s give them something they can really use, alcohol.”


And so it was written. Wrigley partnered up with Evan Williams and produced a new line of cinnamon reserve whiskey, which was obviously welcomed with open arms in both Ireland and the UK. Wrigley watched their profits soar and Radvan looked forward to a fruitful, intoxicated future for his company.


Typical Drinkers: Leprechauns, Olympic athletes, depressed parents at pumpkin patches, London tourists, women cooking apple pies, and potato farmers.


User Comments:

“This tastes like a pile of crisp autumn leaves.”

“Oh my god, my fucking mouth is on fire.”

“Bloody hell!”

“Erin go bragh, and make me a sandwich bitch.”

“Does anyone have any gum? My breath smells horrible.”


Conclusion: Whether you’re a fan of fall flavors or a diehard whiskey enthusiast (or really anything in between) we bet you’ll enjoy Evan Williams’ cinnamon creation. It can be mixed with almost anything to add an extra little kick of spicy lovin’.


Best Mixer: Apple Juice | Worst Mixer: Potato Stew


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