Corps vs. Civilian Snowball Fight: A Casual Bloodbath


One of the oldest and most cherished traditions of this great university took place Saturday afternoon (and no, we’re not talking about the Beer Olympics).  While off-campus students hunkered down with some throat-warming whiskey paired with a cup of noodles, on-campus students duked it out in the Cadet vs. Civilian snowball fight on the Drillfield.  Hundreds showed up for the event. Beer and pizza fueled civilians and challenged the physically fit cadets to a competition of arm strength, athleticism, and pure badassery.  Logistically, the cadets have the advantage, but the civilians tend to dominate in sheer numbers.  It didn’t take long, though, before a casual snowball fight quickly got out of hand.

“More than 1,000 students participated in the annual tradition, many wearing various costumes or wielding homemade shields, such as trashcan lids, pizza boxes and signs.  One cadet was dressed in camouflage and carried a Captain America shield.”

Traditionally, snowball fights are fought with snow, but in order to prevent a brutal takedown, students scavenged for what they could find in order to defend themselves.  We don’t really blame them either, especially considering some of the heavy artillery the cadets were bringing in…

“In addition to throwing snowballs, at least one cadet used a lacrosse stick to hurl snowballs at the civilians.”

Damn, those cadets sure are crafty with their snowball arsenal.  But is it fair that the cadets ripped snowballs at civilians with mass unauthorized weaponry?  Probably not, but as the saying goes “all’s fair in love and war.”  Or perhaps “speak softly and carry a big lacrosse stick” might be better suited.  Unfortunately war leaves losers, and Saturday’s snowball war didn’t end before blood was spilled.

“The fight was not completely bloodless. Several students received minor injuries, and several cadets were taken to the regional hospital afterwards.”

The snowy showdown eventually concluded with minor battle wounds, a few emergency room visits, and some bruised egos.  At least mom will be relieved when she gets a call from the hospital saying her kid suffered a concussion from a snowball to the noggin, rather than hearing about some alcohol-inspired attempt to snowboard down the road while tied to a car.  Wait, that sounds like an awesome 


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