Drinking Game: Battleshots


It’s that time again to take another classic game from your childhood and rework it into a beautiful piece of art. It’s time for Battleshots. Liam Neeson and Rihanna not included.


What You’ll Need: 2 pizza boxes, 34 shot glasses, and various alcohol.

Number of Players: Just two.

Level of Intoxication: If your opponent knows the game, prepare to pass out.


How to Play:

- On each pizza box, draw two 10x10 grids on the inside top and bottom. Label the horizontal side A through J and the vertical side 1 through 10.

- Fill all 34 shot glasses with different liquids (get those cheap plastic ones from Walgreens). They could be vodka, beer, rum, water, milk, juice, whatever you have on hand. Obviously fill more of them with alcohol than anything else.

- Sit across from your opponent and open up your box. One by one, opponents select shot glasses to use on their board until both players have 17.

- Each player arranges them like the ships in Battleship (one 5-shot glass aircraft carrier, one 4-shot glass battleship, one 3-shot glass submarine, one 3-shot glass destroyer, and one 2-shot glass patrol boat).

- Players take turns asking if their opponent has a ship at a spot on the grid. For example, “Do you have a ship on E3?” If the player does, they must take the shot that is on that space. If not, the asking player marks on their empty 10x10 grid that they have already guessed that space and must take a sip of a side drink.

- Players alternate turns.

- If a player guesses a lot correctly, he does not get another turn.


The Game Ends When: One player has sunk all of the other player’s ships.


This game is best played when wearing cut-off t-shirts and sweatbands. Crank up some Metallica, too.


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