Drinking Game: Crazy Eights


Not to be confused with crazy eighths.


What You Need: Some buddies, some cards, and some brew.

Number of Players: Three or more

Intoxication Level: The more you lose, the more you drink. It’s a win-win situation!


How to Play:

-       First, pull the four 8’s out of a deck of cards and lay them out on a table, top to bottom. Deal out the rest of the deck to the players sitting around the table.

-       The players must take turns laying down their cards, building form the eights in either directions (matching suites).

-       Any card can be played. If a player cannot lay down a card that directly follows one already on the table (a 9 on an 8, for example), they must drink the total number of cards from those in the suit on the table and those missing in between.

-       If a player lays down a card that does not skip any cards, the drinks are given out to the player(s) of their choice.


The Game Ends When: You run out of beer and forget how to count to 10.


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