Drinking Game: Drown the Clown


Clowns are scary and ugly, and obviously drunk when they perform. This is how they get that way.


What You Need: A deck of cards, alcohol, clowns.

Number of Players: Two or more.

Intoxication Level: You’ll have that creepy, drunk, red-eyed clown look in your eyes.


How to Play:

-       Start by passing out a card, facedown, to each person playing.  On the count of three, everyone flips their cards over.

-       If two people have the same card, they then must point at the person they match with and yell “clown!” Whoever says it first gets to watch the other take as many drinks as designated.

-       If a person points at a person who does not have a match or if they say anything but the word “clown”, then they must drink 3 drinks.  


The Game Ends When: Ya’ll be clowin’, chowin’, and mowin’. 


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