Drinking Game: Kill Man


What You Need: Some beers and some bros.

Number of Players: At least three, but not more than five hundred.

Intoxication Level: Not quite “alcohol poisoning” dead.


How to Play:

-Before each round begins, make sure each player has a beer can.

-The game begins with all players opening their beer can at the same time.

-All players begin chugging their beer. The first person to finish their beer becomes the “Kill Man.”

-Each player opens a new beer, players are not allowed to drink these beers.

-At this point, the Kill Man can point to any player at any time, making them drink any amount of beer.

-Whichever player finishes their beer first (per Kill Man orders) becomes the Kill Man for the next round.


The Game Ends When: Someone decides to be a buzzkill, man.


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