Drinking Game: Shot Glass Chess


Are you bored with regular, lowbrow drinking games? Are you tired of the simple-minded card-games the peons in the Liberals Arts department play? Are you waiting for something worthy of you, the most rare and elite of all intellectuals, The Engineer? Do you wish to combine the artistry and strategy of a thousand-year-old game with the depravity of college life? If so, this is the game for you.  


Number of Players: A minimum and maximum of two.

What You Need: A chess board, 32 shot glasses, a handle of your favorite liquor, 2 different colored markers and a completely distorted sense of what actually constitutes a drinking game.

Intoxication Level: Before you know it you and your partner will reach Bobby Fischer levels of anti-Semitism. No but seriously, if you’re not careful you could die. Alcohol poisoning is real, people!


How to Play:

- Mark the shot glasses before the game in order to distinguish between types of pieces (knights, kings, queens, pawns, rooks, bishops)

- Mark the shot glasses to distinguish between your pieces and your opponent’s pieces (white and black)

- Fill the shot glasses

- Place them on the board

- For the rest, see rules of chess. 


The Game Ends When:  Either your partner forfeits or you checkmate the king. Have you really never played chess before?


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