Drinking Game: Truth or Dare


Just like the middle school game you played, but with more drinking involved. Hey, the “more drinking” part always works out for the best, doesn’t it?


What You’ll Need: A deck of cards, some beer, and an iron will.

Number of Players: 3+

Level of Intoxication: We dare you not to throw up.


How to Play:

-Begin the game by dealing each player four cards, face-up.

-In the middle of the table, lay out two rows of five cards. One row will be “truth,” the other, “dare.”

-Note which end of the rows you wish to start on. The first set of cards is worth two drinks, the second set is four, the third, six and so on.

-Flip over the first card in the “truth” set. If any player has this card in their upturned set of four, then he or she must drink for two seconds or answer a question agreed upon by the group.

-Flip over the first card in the “dare” set. Any player with this card in their upturned set of four may give any other player two drinks. In return, the player who takes the drinks gives a dare in return.

-This escalates to four drinks or a truth, four drinks in return for a dare, etc.


The Game Ends When: Everyone is naked from dares and crying because they’ve been forced to admit their darkest secrets.


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