Jurkin & Mosquera-Perea Suspended for Accepting Benefits of Food and Shelter


Often articles from The Black Sheep have a satirical tone. Okay, they do every time. This story needs no added satire because it has so much lunacy built in. According to the IDS, freshman basketball players Peter Jurkin and Hanner Mosquera-Perea, both heralded recruits, have been suspended for nine games each for benefits from their legal guardian, Mark Adams.


Okay, I’ll back up.


When young foreign players show athletic promise at a young age, often times they move to America to pursue college athletics and the education that comes with it. Their families don’t make the move with them so a legal guardian is assigned to them. For Peter and Hanner, that guardian was provided through a foundation called A-HOPE. It was IU Booster Mark Adams that took the players under his wing.


When both players committed to IU, suspicions arose if any foul play took place. College recruitment is a very rigid system that has strict rules and harsh penalties for violations. Adams assumed there would be some questions from the NCAA, so upfront he disclosed a bundle of financial data to prove everything was up to code.


The NCAA saw that he provided his legal children with “food, clothing, housing, travel, toiletries and other items” which it found to be impermissible. Surely, Adam’s should’ve known to starve the boys to prevent controversy should they choose to go to Indiana. By that logic, if Tom Crean’s son were to play for IU down the road, he would be immediately suspended because of the bike Crean bought him for Christmas in 2005.


The NCAA, a billion dollar corporation whose income comes from free labor, has shown once again how out of touch it is with the real world.


There you have it. Who knew a potty humor lover like me could refrain from even a single reference given such a shitty situation.


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