The Black Sheep Interviews: Chanel Preston


Chanel Preston is a very attractive lady that happens to have sex on camera, which is very convenient to horny dudes the world over. You, horny dude, can catch her on her webcam, on a bunch of DVDs, or on her site, We caught up with her over the phone, the least erotic of the communication devices.

The Black Sheep: Let’s jump right in; when it comes to shooting scenes, do they let you know what movie you’re shooting before they arrive on set, or do they just kind of shoot stuff and fit it into movies later?

Chanel Preston: It depends. A lot of times they will tell you, but there have been a couple of times I didn’t know what DVD it would be for. They’d let you know the people you’d be working with, though.


TBS: And do you guys script the sex beforehand, or what? How much of it is organic?

Chanel: It’s very scripted the majority of the time. They’ll tell you ask you go, so they’ll start by saying “This is the dialogue in the beginning, I want you to…” Then you start going at it. You’ll start in one position and then you’ll cut and do another position. It really depends where you’re shooting scenes, because obviously it doesn’t work when you’re on a table or whatever. There’s a few times when the director will just say “go for it,” but that’s usually when they’ve worked with the male talent several times and the male talent knows what he’s doing.


TBS: Can you walk through a typical day on set for you?

Chanel: If I’m shooting a gonzo film usually I’m in makeup for two or three hours. After that you do your “pretty girl pictures” where it’s just you modeling with no guys involved. Then usually that’s when the guy shows up. After that you’re shooting the sex scene and stills. Then you’re done. I’d say I’m usually there for about five hours.


TBS: So you’ve been in the “XXX Parodies” before. How is that different in terms of preparation?

Chanel: I was in a Wonder Woman parody. I was watching the show so I could develop the character, and I was just like, ‘Gosh, this lady has no personality.” Now I’m doing a Reservoir Dogs parody, but the director doesn’t want it to be a parody, he wants it to be a homage. It’s going to be, like, word-for-word with sex scenes thrown in. I’m Mr. Orange, so I’m dying the whole time. There’s gonna be some drama involved.


TBS: Obviously you choose what kind of sex you have on camera, but how does that decision-making process work for you? Like, what makes you decide you’ll shoot an anal sex scene?

Chanel: I had been wanting to do anal and double penetration for a while, and being new to the industry it’s not always a great idea to jump right in to that stuff. I chose to do it because I didn’t just want to be that girl who’s pretty, but that’s all she has going for her. Jules Jordan shot my first anal sex scene, and one day he called me to a DP, and I was like, ‘Yeah, I’ll do that.”


TBS: How do you get better at your job? Like, I can write in my off-time, but…

Chanel: I’ll watch my scenes sometimes and I’ll go, “I don’t like that,” or “that’s weird.” I read peoples’ reviews of my scenes all the time and take what they have to say as constructive criticism. 


TBS: Do you have friends in the industry that you talk about this stuff to? What’s your social life like?

Chanel: I don’t try to distance myself from the girls or anything, but living in Hawaii, it’s hard for me to hang out. When I’m in LA, I’m there to work.


TBS: You recently won the CAVR Starlet of the Year award. Does that mean anything to you or does it afford you any interesting opportunities?

Chanel: I’m not interested in being a contract girl, though I do work with contract companies. The award is important because I’m so new, but it will certainly help getting my name out there.


TBS: You have several tattoos, do they mean anything? Why did you get them?

Chanel: I wish they had more meaning, but I just kind of have them. I put one on my back when I’m 18, it’s so ridiculous I’m getting it removed slowly. The ones on my chest I like. The one on my pubic area was impulsive, I wanted to wax, but I didn’t want to look young. Now I’m like, “Why did I do that?”


TBS: Holy crap, did that hurt?


Chanel: It was really painful. I wanted to do it because…like…who would do that?


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