The Five Best Places to Spend Your Summer


It’s here! The end of the school year is upon us, and most of us couldn’t be happier! If you’re taking classes this summer, we have much pity for the fool. Many students will be looking for something to do this summer. As college students, there aren’t too many people with the money for big trips. Everyone knows the big money is for spring break. So here are five affordable places for WMU students to go to this summer.


A Friend’s Cabin: We’re in Michigan; therefore, everyone and their uncle has a cabin up North. If you can swing going to your friend’s cabin without their parents insisting on chaperoning then you are home free for a summer party. Oh, your friend has a boat? Even better! It’s a less fancy yacht party! Wear a monocle and sip cabernet, and it’s a more fancy yacht party! Think of it as your personal spring break without the extra cost and annoying travelling. 


The Beach: Jersey Shore has raised the importance of tanning to new and terrifying levels. But not all of us can afford that classy Oompa Loompa look. Why go to a tanning salon when you can get just as tan from a day on the beach? Michigan is freaking lousy with lakes. Most neighborhoods here have their own damn lake and private beach. So hop a fence or two and spend some time in the sun! Going to a tanning salon is the boring way of getting tan. Besides, sunburns are hilarious. Putting quarters on your friend’s back while he cooks like bacon? Classic!


Amusement Parks: And I’m freeeee! Free fallin’! People from Michigan seem to have an obsession with amusement parks. We do have a good number of options. Cedar Point, Michigan’s Adventure, Six Flags. Just take your pick. All of them offer scream-inducing rides and overpriced food that, if you’re doing “amusement park” right, you’re going to see again in a half hour. And standing in the sun for an hour while you wait for your two minute ride is another great way to get tan! 


A Cruise: Now, I know what you’re thinking. This is NOT affordable. Believe me, this is a good plan and there isn't a larger sum of money involved! All you have to do is pack yourself in a large box (don’t forget the air holes) and ship yourself to the port. Just make sure the crew thinks you’re a box of food or alcohol, or some other product they order in bulk. Once on the ship, break out of your box and disguise yourself as a (mer)maid. Take on whatever accent you want and boom, you’ve got a way to move around the ship without getting in trouble. 


The Couch: It’s summer break, people. Most of us have jobs but we no longer have class. Go ahead, unbutton those pants and be a bum. The next four months should be used to relax as much as possible before another year of school. On the days you have off, you no longer have to worry about homework or waking up early. What better way to spend the day before a wild summer night than being a total bum, laying on the couch with a bunch of snacks around you? Go ahead, let your hair down. 


So there you have it, WMU students! Five affordable things you can do this summer. Don’t party too hard while you’re away (Ha! Psych!). Have fun everybody!


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