This is Thor Goodfellow, an actual student at Ole Miss


The Black Sheep stumbles upon a lot of things, but the other day we stumbled across an Ole Miss student named Thor Goodfellow. Thor Goodfellow. With a name so golden and so poised for success, we couldn’t help but wonder what a magnificent man this man must be. Surely our efforts will land him in the race for president some day, as any enemy of the state will see “Thor Goodfellow” as our leader and quiver away in fear. And, if his presumably-glowing, sculpted-by-Michelangelo-himself schlong of justice isn't nicknamed "The Hammer of Thor," then nothing is right in this world. 

We went to Twitter to show to the heavens our praise for this man and his wonderful name, and here are some of the best tall tales that will echo the annals of Ole Miss for decades to come. 


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