The Ultimate Super Bowl Drinking Game


The Production

Drink 2 for each use of the sky cam.

Drink 3 each time Cris Collinsworth criticizes a play.

Drink 4 when Bob Costas makes a historical reference.

Drink 5 every time they cut to Peyton Manning.

Drink 6 each time the announcers have to plug an NBC show.


The Half Time Show

Drink 2 for each instance when Madonna does not stand (ex: sit, roll, lay down, fly).

Drink 3 each time a “surprise guest” arrives on stage.

Drink 5 for every costume change Madonna makes.

Hand out 3 for correctly guessing the next song in Madonna’s medley.

Chug a beer if Lady Gaga makes an appearance.


The Commercials

Drink 3 every time a child is used in an adorable manner.

Drink 3 for each beer commercial.

Drink 4 when there’s a commercial from a company you’ve never heard of.

Hand out 2 for each celebrity cameo you identify.

Hand out 5 every time you recognize a song in a commercial.


At Your Place

Drink 2 every time someone uses gambling lingo.

Drink 3 every time someone spills something.

Drink 3 each time someone misidentifies a player.

Drink 7 if you’re not watching when a team scores.

Drink an entire beer if you ever accidentally mention Tim Tebow.


When The Team You're Rooting For

Hand out 1 when your team completes a pass.

Hand out 1 each time your team gets a first down.

Hand out 3 each time your team sacks the opposing quarterback.

Hand out 3 if your team kicks a field goal.

Hand out 6 if your team scores a touchdown.

Drink 1 for each yard lost on a negative play.

Drink 2 when your team uses a timeout.

Drink 3 if your team has to punt.

Drink 3 when your team commits a penalty.

Drink 5 if your team commits a turnover.


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