Drinking Game: The Unofficial Challenge


The holiest of high holidays is upon us! Unofficial is back and it’s time for memories you’ll never remember and injuries you’ll never forget. Especially if you play this game.

What You’ll Need: Whiskey and beer. Lots and lots of beer (preferably green to set the mood and make your vomit more festive).

Players: As many who are willing to take on the challenge.

Level of Intoxication: An Unofficial you’ll definitely forget, you might wake up next to a midget and have a shamrock tattooed on your ass, or something even better (the possibilities are endless)!


How to Play: The rules are simple, and you must follow them throughout the entire day. If you start seeing more than three leaves on a shamrock, then you’re winning. 

- Speak in an Irish accent all day. If you mess up, take a shot of whiskey.

- Every time you hear an Irish song (think Flogging Molly or Dropkick Murphys) chug your beer for the duration of the chorus.

- If you spot a Green Man, you have to take a double shot and convince him to do one with you.

- Every time you see a shirt that says “Kiss me I’m Irish” finish your drink (and claim your free kiss).

- Every time someone says, “Top o’ the mornin to ya!” chug your beer.

- If you see someone yackin’, chug half of your beer.

- Every time someone hits on you with the line, “I think I just found me pot of gold,” take a shot to forget that lame line.

- If you spot a leprechaun: JACKPOT! Take a shot of whiskey and chug your beer for 15 seconds.


The Game Ends When: Your level of consciousness, dignity or, in most cases, both decline.


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