Top 10: Types of Facebook “About Me”¯ Sections


Facebook offers many different outlets for creative self-expression, one of them being the quintessential “About Me” section. In this little (yet unfortunately, expandable) square, many Facebook users take advantage of this space to talk about who they are a person. As unique and special we all think we are, I’ve found that many “About Me” sections are hilariously similar. As with pretty much everything else, there are 10 types. 


Type 1: The Dumb Slut

~People think I’m anorexic (5’5, 98 pounds), but I’m not. I’m just naturally petite aka fun sized!

~You might think I come across like a bitch but I’m actually a super nice person. Get to know me before you judge. I promise you, it’ll be worth it xoxo

~I’ve had my heart

~I have the best boyfriend in the entire world. He’s the peanut butter to my jelly. The peas to my carrots. The yin to my yang. He’s my prince, my savior. He’s honestly made me a better person. Robert James Matthew 6.9.2010 <333

~My friends mean the world to me—we’re all crazy, we know how to get the party started. If you fuck with them, you fuck with me. 

~I LOVE MY LIFE. <3xoxo


Type 2: The HXC Rager

The name’s Sadie. (SADISTxxCaNcerXRaW)

I like to get fcked up.

Dnt give a fck what ppl think about me

Haters can suck on these tits

Btw I have double d’s.

No that doesn’t mean I’m a slut.

I have 5 tattoos and 16 piercings.

I plan to get even more when I turn 18.

I like to make a scene.

I don’t believe in love.

I’m always down to rave.

Get on my level.


Type 3: The Intellectual Minimalist

“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson


Type 4: The Biographer

What’s up, this is Andrew. Born on July 5 and raised in good ol’ Decatur Illinois. I’m tall like 6’0 with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. Some girls say I look like Heath Ledger lol (RIP). I’m a typical central Illinois boy I like to ride tractors, dirtbike, go muddin but I’m NOT a hick lol. I’m a good guy go to church every Sunday people say I’m real nice but if you push me to far I can get really pissed off. I’m single right now, lookin for a nice girl not too tall who knows how to cook good lol jkjk. I’m on the junior varsity wrestling team reppin the EAGLES hopefully we go to state this year….(continued)


Type 5: The Person Who Gets Too Personal

WhAtTup it’S TrAcy

CurRenTly SiNgLe LoOkin fA a MAN dAt caN FcK mE RYtE

PrEttY OuTgOiNg I PoOp WhEn I NeRVouS ThO LOLZ

CuRrEnTly LoSInG WeIGht—UsEd 2 B 300 LbS BuT CuRrEnTlY 250.


NoT A STuDEnT RYtE NoW TrYiNg 2B A NurSe ThO.


Type 6: The Profound Sentence

One day I’ll learn to forgive.


Type 7: The Checklist
+Fall In Love _x__

+Backpack across Europe__


+Learn French_x_

+Join the Peace Corps__

+Start journaling again_x_

+Save An Animal__

+Tattoo “LOVE” on my arm in Hebrew__

+Dance in the rain_x_

+Drive, just drive, with no destination_x_

+Stand in the middle of the road and just scream_x_

+Trust again__


Type 8: The Cute, Quirky Girl

Hey, it’s Erin, but most people call me E.T.

I’m shy and can be awkward at times -_-

My favorite movie is Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

I love black&white photos <3

My favorite place is the park, I still love to swing 

I have a poetry blog.

Some people say I’m too nice :/

My best friend in the whole world is my dog Ralph 


Type 9: The Political Enthusiast

Just another leader in a country full of followers.

Follow my blog//join the cause.


Type 10: The Edgy Trendster

If you’re reading this you probs know my name already haa

I’m a sophomore at Ridgedale.

I like: going to shows, Fight Club, dubstep, tattoos, stilletos, black nail polish, getting that cash$$$, eyeliner, Chanel perfume, shitty reality TV shows, coffee, and naps.

I’m pretty fun to be around, txt me sometime. We should totes b frannns.


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