Weekly Beer Geek: Holland Lager 1839


Holland Lager 1839

Bavaria Brouwerij (Netherlands)

$1.49/Bottle (11.2 oz)

Grade: D


The Beginning

This is another step in my seemingly endless quest to find the perfect simple lager. Lager beers are the “beeriest” to me, simple and tasty. The problem is that the cheap ones also are bitter and dry, while the good ones will drain your pocket way faster than you want to spend on a plain simple beer. This one comes in under a buck and a half, making it the cheapest thing I’ve reviewed for this column… we’ll see.


The Brewer’s Pitch

Now wait one minute here. Like many imports, there’s not a brewer’s page I can look at to see how they extol their own virtue. There IS a page that claims it is only available at ALDI discount grocery stores (I’ll have to have words with my liquor store about this) as well as a lot of really terrible reviews. I’m glad I’m going out to party tonight, if this is as unfortunate as it looks at least I’ll drink until I forget.


The Beer

This is an extremely clear pale yellow, fairly heavily carbonated with a pure white moderate head that lingers. The smell is old yeast, very strong when the bottle is opened. The flavor is extremely sharp and cold, mild hop flavors that remain weak before tapering off to a slightly peppery finish. There’s no aftertaste to speak of.


The Breakdown

You know, it’s a funny thing. When I pay a lot for a beer, I expect to get a really good beer. When I pay not much for a beer, I don’t expect much, but when I pay somewhere in between (say, $1.50...) I really should also expect not much from that, too. This sure is a beer. The flavor is lacking, the aftertaste doesn’t refresh, and the bitterness is weak. All that being said, it’s not BAD- the flavor isn’t unpleasant, such as it is, and nothing is offensive. It’s just not much of anything, and you’d be better off buying something that comes in cheap 30 packs. Of course if you’re buying your microbrews at ALDI we need to have a talk. I really have to figure out how it got on the shelf… I blame gremlins.


The Bottom Line

I was going to say “Well well well, Holland, this beer is very NEUTRAL of you.” But then I remembered that Switzerland is the neutral one. I got nothin’.


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