Adam Sills

Adam Sills

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University of Tennessee
5 Move-In Day Tips To Beat the Summer Heat in Knoxville

Volunteer Country is experiencing one of the worst heat waves in years. Here’s your go-to guide for the top 5 move-in day tips to be the heat in Knoxville.

7 Drunk Food Joints Where You Could Probably Shit on the Floor With No One Noticing

Ever been walking home from a party and suddenly been struck by the beer shits, only to get stuck waiting in a line twelve dudes deep because Frat Alex fell asleep on the toilet?

9 Reasons UTK Should Offer Goat Yoga Classes

Normal yoga too vanilla for your taste? Looking to spice up your stretch life? Ever wonder what yoga would be like with goats walking on your back?

The Seven Hells of Jackson, Tennessee

Spend your days lounging by your above ground pool, basking in the high crime rate and reflecting on these seven fresh hells.

7 Quick Ways to Hide from UT Orientation Groups

Sometimes you just need a quick place to hide. Wherever you are, follow this guide to find the best spot to hide from those terrifying orientation groups.