Adriana Lundgren

Adriana Lundgren

Chief Campus Editor

5 Spots for a Last-Minute First Date at VCU

With the semester coming to close, it’s time to shoot your shot and snatch up your shawty for that summer romance!

8 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick at VCU

Don’t listen to the doctors, listen to us and follow these awesome tips and tricks to avoid catching anything this flu season.

VCU Daddy Of The Week: Ahmad

Meet Ahmad, VCU's Daddy of the Week. He's not like other dads, he's a cool dad.

VCU Daddy of the Week: Brian

This week, we sat down with Brian from Lambda Chi, who was nominated to be the next daddy on Facebook. Learn more about this handsome devil below!

VCU Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

Stuck on what to get your boy? Your girl? Your person that you smash and never identify what it is but you know they’re more than just a smash?

Top 8 Best Places to Sob Aesthetically on Campus

With the semester kicking off, many of us are adapting to our schedules and realizing how much were in for the next few months. For some, this is not too bad, but for others, the whole concept can be stressful and intimidating. Crying is typically considered ugly, and people in our generation hate looking like […]

How We Mourn the Impending Doom of Our Great Nation at VCU

So we shall mourn, and with the help of The Black Sheep, we got what to expect laid out for you already so you won’t be caught off guard.

How to Appear As Though You Have Your Life Together This Semester

Deceive your classmates to appear as though your life is together while you slowly struggle to inch past the bullshit that is the college education system!

Conspiracy Theories: Why Travis Scott Was So Late to The Homecoming Concert

Travis Scott was not in the building. But why? Us at The Black Sheep have gathered a list of conspiracy theories to explain his tardiness.

Lil Bibby Set to Attend VCU, Make Mixtape with President Rao

Upon finishing high school, 22-year-old rapper, Lil Bibby, has now decided to make Richmond his new home.