Alejandro Guzman-Avila

Alejandro Guzman-Avila

Top 10 Worst Date Spots at UCR

The reason you’re likely flipping through pages of Yelp recommendations prior to a date is because you have the intention of impressing a significant other. Fortunately, for students of UCR, there are copious destinations on campus worth experiencing with your date without having to veer far or spend a pretty penny. Unfortunately for you, the […]

QUIZ: Are you a True UC-Riverside Highlander Or UC-Davis Ugly?

Are you sure you belong at UCR or or you a UC-Davis Uggie in disguise? Find out now!

UC-Riverside’s Bartender of the Week: Jacque Tumnus of ProAbition Bar

As the epoch for liquid mishaps, the college years serve as a prime time for students to take up drinking in excessive loads. Whether one needs to forget a failing exam score or FAFSA’s fist-tight donations for the innocent endeavor of pursuing a better life, drinking and the college plight possess a special chemistry capable […]

Lot 3:16: Commuter Finds God Before Finding Parking

Among college’s most stand-out plights, Parking solidifies itself in the top tier of problems, below Academics but just ahead of ‘Cheap, Off-Brand Alcohol’ and ‘Having to Floss your Roomie’s Teeth’. Commuters at UCR have grown accustomed to spending more time driving in search for a spot than driving to school. Daily, the element of uncertainty […]

How Different Majors at UCR Will Break Up With You

Name, Year, Major. Upon declaration of an intended field of study early in a student’s collegiate tenure, they take on a new identity by which the world will figure to determine their skillset and purpose. It becomes a handy tool for your fellow students to determine stereotypes about you and try to draw conclusions as […]

Wave of Highlanders Claim HEAT concert “an Urban Legend”

HEAThens are a group of UCR Highlanders who are on a mission to denounce all talk of previous and upcoming HEAT shows.

The Hinderaker Hunk: Eccentric, Tired Student Claims Exhaustion is “Actually Mono”

Walking through the worn grounds of UCR with a leer and swagger reserved for the worthiest of Highlander student body, Quincy Reese knows he’s a baaad man. Drizzled in a trite, pleather coat that hangs just above his Doc Martens—considered a tribute to childhood hero Keanu Reeves–Mr. Reese states life as a third-year Economics major […]