Alejandro Guzman-Avila

Alejandro Guzman-Avila

UCR Embraces Dairy, Notches #11 In ‘Got Milk?’ Ranking

Students across campus popped gallons after UCR clinched #11 on Princeton Review's "Got Milk" list, which ranks schools that drink the least amount of beer.

5-Step Summer School Survival Guide: UC Riverside Edition

The Black Sheep sends its condolences and blesses you with several steps to survive this Riversidian summer!

Accidentally in Cub: Second-Year Caught in Love Affair with Scotty the Bear

Grade curves ask about him. The Bell Tower looks up to him. FAFSA asks him for money. UCR’s colors are modeled after his casual Tuesday. He is…the most interesting bear in the world and to no surprise, students love Scotty. Some want to love Scotty. Such is the case for second-year stats major Barbara Cohen, […]

SHOCKING: UCR Student Has Enjoyable, Safe, Very Pleasant Day

Fourth-year Highlander Angela Williams is a celebrated life enthusiast; at least that’s the only title of experience observed on her resume. Weeks away from graduation and a new position as Hot Dog on a Stick’s Social Media Manager, Williams is on a hot streak. Starting the streak was a fortunate day Williams dubbed “my best […]

UCR Ranked One of Top 10 College’s EVER by University of California, Riverside

A recent study by The Times Higher Education listed UC-Riverside as the 165th best university in the world. UCR officials, shocked at the low-ranking number have taken matters into their own hands and conducted a study of their own. “We saw 165 and we really just couldn’t believe it. We’re UC-Ratchetside for god’s sake—who wouldn’t […]

UCR Third-Year Desperate for New Issue to Protest

Scott McCarthy fled the confines of Lothian minutes to midnight on a Week 6 Tuesday. Face paralyzed in a trance as he gazed at his moving footsteps, he caught himself circling the Bell Tower with a defiant fist holding a phantom post that would have read, “My Diet Consists of UCR’s Lies and Larry’s Complete […]

Top 10 Ways to Stay Abstinent at UCR (Good Luck!)

Finding an abstinent college student is similar to meeting a physically fit professional bowler. For those interested in remaining chaste, there’s hope. If you’re in that crowd of innocent folk who vomit at the thought of coitus, or maybe you’ve had a little too much fun and are crawling with STDs…here are pointers on what […]

Top 10 Worst Date Spots at UCR

The reason you’re likely flipping through pages of Yelp recommendations prior to a date is because you have the intention of impressing a significant other. Fortunately, for students of UCR, there are copious destinations on campus worth experiencing with your date without having to veer far or spend a pretty penny. Unfortunately for you, the […]

QUIZ: Are you a True UC-Riverside Highlander Or UC-Davis Ugly?

Are you sure you belong at UCR or or you a UC-Davis Uggie in disguise? Find out now!

UC-Riverside’s Bartender of the Week: Jacque Tumnus of ProAbition Bar

As the epoch for liquid mishaps, the college years serve as a prime time for students to take up drinking in excessive loads. Whether one needs to forget a failing exam score or FAFSA’s fist-tight donations for the innocent endeavor of pursuing a better life, drinking and the college plight possess a special chemistry capable […]