Alex Dunderdale

Alex Dunderdale

Top 8 Uses Academic for Schenely Park at Pitt

Schenely Park is more than a sightseeing stop on the Hop-On Hop-Off Bus. The Black Sheep has compiled EIGHT types of event uses Schenely Park can offer.

Pitt’s Campus Redesigned by the Students Who Actually Use It

What if a Pitt student had the ability to change the buildings on campus? Well, we've got you covered with all the changes Pitt needs to make.

What It’s Like to be Trapped in Haunted Posvar Hall

Some say that Posvar Hall is ugly to the human eye. Some may even say that Posvar is haunted. Well, The Black Sheep has foreseen this predicament.

People of Pitt: The Legend of Watchdog

In the neighborhood of Oakland, a certain man prowls the streets. His name is Watchdog. He's an Oakland legend, and one The Black Sheep's People of Pitt

8 Tips for Rocking for Your Pitt Gear

Pitt students have a variety of Pitt gear to choose from. So we've complied some style tips to help you choose what to buy to represent Pitt!

A Semester at Pitt, as Told by Pitt Football

Pitt Football has a tendency to go hard in the first half, then fall apart and scramble to win in the second half. We see your semester going the same way.

Pittnet is Shitnet: Top 7 Reasons Pitt’s Wireless Sucks

Most schools have terrible wifi, and Pitt is no exception. Wireless Pittnet is awful. Here's 7 undeniable reasons Pittnet is really Shitnet.

Five Stages of Grief from the Stack’d Challenge

Eat twelve patties, six slices of cheese with the usual burger vegetable additions, and a slide of fries that includes a complimentary milkshake. Go.

Tans, Plans, and Pitt Fans: Top Sunbathing Spots at Pitt

As fall approaches, Pitt students in desperation of a tan scope out the best locations to soak up the last possible traces of sun.

Pitt Trash: The 5 Most Commonly Found Pieces of Refuse

When friskiness calls, we may want to see what’s in the dumpster. A poster? A pair of shoes? A vuvuzela?