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Allie Kahan

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8 Christmas Carols Ranked by Sexual Subtext

Out of all of the holidays, Christmas has the most subliminally sexual songs by far. Think about it: have you ever heard a sexually-charged song about Veteran’s Day? Underneath the jingling bells lies the age-old theme of exchanging sexual favors for power, material goods, and self-esteem.  Here is a collective list of Christmas songs, ranked […]

Cards Against Humanity: DePaul Edition

But what better way is there to tickle a fellow DePaulians’ funny bones than with a DePaul-specific version of the card game?

The 10 Saddest Places to Eat Thanksgiving Dinner Alone at DePaul

In just a few hours DePaul students are going to flock home for Turkey Day. Not you, though, for some reason you're going to be stuck on campus over break.

Ignored DePaul Teacher Evaluations Become Increasingly Passive Aggressive

DePaul’s end-of-quarter teacher evaluation emails are so tired of being ignored that they've begun using more and more passive aggressive subject lines

10 Things High School Sex Ed Forgot to Tell You

Not only do condoms break, but they can also get stuck inside of your body! Sometimes for days!

The 10 Best Drunk Food Places Near DePaul

You’re never really going home alone when there’s a to-go box in your hand, and Chicago is filled with some of the best drunk food one could ever ask for.

How to Pretend You’re a Cubs Fan When You Don’t Really Care

This is not the time to be true to yourself. It’s time to be f***ing fake as hell and pretend you give a shit about the Cubs. Here’s how.

Spooky DePaul Halloween Horrorscopes

It’s during this short period of post-midterms and pre-finals that we often turn to outside sources for guidance, reassurance, and if anyone knows where they can buy some Adderall.

We Need to Raise Fall Awareness on DePaul’s Campus

These days it can feel like if you don’t have an ImPoRtAnT iSsUe to advocate, you’re as useful as a fire-resistant sack of shit left on the wrong doorstep.

5 Surprisingly Sexy Halloween Costumes to Wear to That Fraternity Halloween Party

2016 has been, in a phrase, completely batshit crazy. As a world, we seem to be collectively overwhelmed. Luckily, Halloween is upon us, and with that comes bar crawls and themed fraternity parties. There is ample opportunity to create one-of-a-kind costumes that are both topically relevant and surprisingly sexy. The two go hand-in-hand! Here are […]