Allison DeNicola

Allison DeNicola

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University of Delaware
How to Curb Your Extreme Attraction to UD During the Summer

Once you’ve gotten a taste of the Blue Hen lifestyle, getting through summer break is almost impossible. No matter where you are...

UD Nursing Major Accidentally Presents Formal Date with Christiana Organ Transplant Cooler

Mark Levy was particularly eager to receive his personalized cooler full of his favorite booze, but his excitement was cut short by a grisly discovery.

Territory Battle Precipitates on Green: Hammocks vs. Slacklines

This past Thursday, the south green was awash with bloodthirsty students from a clash of two the two most extra subcultures here at UD.

Who Will You Be When The Apocalypse Hits UD?

The apocalypse is the perfect time for UD students to embrace their natural violent and unruly tendencies, so how will you be celebrating?