Ally Zacek

Ally Zacek

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DePaul University
DePaul’s Colleges Ranked by Hotness and Real World Relevance

If you’ve ever wondered what your specific college says about your appearance and relevance at DePaul, and really in life, The Black Sheep is here to help you out.

Ranking DePaul’s 5 Most Sittable Chairs

We ranked the chairs around campus so you can make informed sitting decisions. Luckily, DePaul has our asses in mind at least half of the time.

DePaul to Switch from Pepsi School to La Croix School

DePaul’s loyalties to their trusted soft drink provider, Pepsi, were tested on Tuesday when the second-rate beverage brand released a controversial ad.

The Definitive Ten Week Breakdown of How Much Spring Quarter’s Going to Suck

While you’re still trying to figure out if the kid you sit next to is named Brad or Brett, you’re also already two weeks away from midterms. What the fuck quarter system?

Your Official Guide to St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago

Navigating the day through thousands of “Kiss me I’m Irish” shirts is made even more difficult when you start your day doing Irish car bombs at 6 a.m.

What Your Favorite Smoothie From The Bean Says About You

We took it upon ourselves to conduct in-depth taste tests of the smoothies and cross-referenced the flavors with science about the human psyche.

The 8 Best Places to Lowkey Pregame in Public at DePaul

Like most things in life, going to class is much more enjoyable while drunk. Sometimes, being drunk is the only way a 90-minute lecture is bearable.

The 7 Saddest On-Campus Jobs at DePaul, Ranked

If you happen to have one of these jobs, we're sorry. It'll all be over soon...

Top 6 Non-Consensual Intimate Experiences that Happen on the L

It’s so intimate that you almost feel weird being surrounded by 50 other strangers while it’s happening. Bonus points if you feel dick or get a ‘lil sweaty!

DePaul Stereotypes: Facts vs. Alternative Facts

While we all know most of the facts about DePaul, there’s a whole alternative side you most likely hadn’t even considered yet.