Amanda Callahan

Amanda Callahan

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Boston College
Top 5 Last-Ditch BC Brownie Point Answers To Exams You’re Doomed to Fail

This semester, be sure not to leave any answers blank. Here are some grade-boosting suggestions that will at least give you some brownie-points for trying.

The Top 5 Unofficial Greek Houses of Boston College

Boston College doesn't have an "official" Greek community, but we pretty much have everything but the names. So, what are some unofficial houses of BC?

5 CAB Events That Eagles Might Actually Attend

If we’re getting technical, CAB could definitely do better, and by "better" we mean "boozier." Here are 5 events that'd send CAB’s event attendance through the roof.

5 Things Everyone Fools Themselves Into Thinking About BC

Sorry, but you can’t pull a total frat move at this school. And no, your sisters for life will not be “so srat!” with you in every insta post.

BC Majors Renamed To Fit What They Actually Are

You’re paying $60,000 to drink at tailgates watching D1 sports lose and end up with a job probably. But what if BC had honest names for majors on the ol' course catalog?

Survivor: BC Housing Edition

Room selections are starting for next year, and you're most likely about to be screwed. Here's an idea of how your 8-man dreams are about to play out.

Quiz: Which BC Dining Hall Are You?

Congrats, you have access to overpriced, fairly edible food for 14 hours of the day!! The real question is, which of BC’s finest dining halls is your home?

7 Day Guide to the Best Spring Break Bod at BC

No matter where you're going after next week, no one wants to see that winter bod you’ve been hiding under your Canada Goose

6 Cheesy Pickup Lines to Land Lonely Post-Valentine’s BC Singles

With Valentine’s Day being over, single people are more desperate to score, which means your desperate ass can still get laid with these BC pickup lines!

QUIZ: We Can Guess Your Freshman Dorm Based on Your Weekend Habits

What distinguishes weekend life in the various BC freshman dorms? Here is a helpful quiz to see if your weekend reflects your dorm.