Amanda Wallace

Amanda Wallace

QUIZ: Which Blacksburg Bar Are You?

Are you Big Al's, Rivermill, or TOTS kind of person? Take our quiz and find out where you belong this St. Patty's Day weekend!

Duck Pond Gazebo Collapses Under Weight of Valentine’s Day Couples

Construction workers salvaged some of the boards from the pond and reconstruction has begun. Till then, couples are forced to find a new romantic location.

Blacksburg Bartender of the Week: Hokie House’s Tom

Find out Tom's secret crush, the best place for a makeout sesh in Hokie House, and how his friend from Iceland swapped spit with their first cousin...

Virginia Tech Style #Saltbae Memes

Yes, we did associate Virginia Tech with an uncomfortable sensual chef who slaps his steaks and seductively salts his chicken.

Top 6 Places to Hibernate on Tech’s Campus This Winter

Spring semester at Virginia Tech is not a time of frolicking on the soft grass of the Drillfield. Here are the top six best places to hibernate on campus.

Nine Circles of Finals Hell at Virginia Tech

It’s safe to say, we’ve all had our own personal Hell on Earth, especially when it comes to finals and Reading Day at Tech.

Six Things You Won’t Miss About Virginia Tech Over Break

It’s no secret that life at Virginia Tech is hard. From the windy walks across campus to the wretched lines, being a Hokie is just damn difficult sometimes.

President Sands Reveals Plans for New Warmth Mobiles

They will give students a brief period of warmth, easing their frostbitten fingers of pain and restoring the feeling in their noses and ears.

Top 5 Thoughts Burruss Hall Has Daily

Do we really know Burruss? Has anyone taken the time to consider its feelings? Take a moment to look in to the mind of our very own Burruss Hall.

How OCD Are You?: Virginia Tech Edition

Ever notice how all the letters in this Lane Stadium sign are light gold except for the ‘T’?You're welcome, now you will. Take our OCD quiz.