Amy Schmitt

Amy Schmitt

Chief Campus Editor

Ohio University
10 Fun Sins to Do While Jesus is Dead

As good Christians, you’ve been on your best behavior almost all year. But this weekend presents an interesting opportunity.

Every Day is Pickle Fest if You’re Megan!

For some, like Ohio University sophomore Megan Isaacs, one day a year is simply not enough to commemorate the much-adored vinegar-soaked cucumber.

QUIZ: Do You Have March Madness or March Sadness?

Are you experiencing some unfamiliar symptoms this month? Do you think they could be related to the NCAA Tournament? You may think you’re suffering from March Madness, but you might actually have March Sadness – a different but equally serious malady plaguing universities across the country. Take this quiz to check your symptoms and get […]

Beer Officially Safer than Water in Athens, OH

Ohio University informed students and staff Thursday morning that due to a water main break, all university buildings are closed and classes are cancelled.

QUIZ: How Will You Get Arrested at OU?

If you’re going to get arrested anywhere, it’ll be in Athens, Ohio. The only real question is: how will it happen? Take our quiz to find out!

A Definitive Timeline of the Typical OU Student

We're here to make you feel worse by laying out the things you’ve done with your time at OU, and to show you that your life is as mediocre as you think.

21-Year-Old OU Student “Hardly Ever” Breaks Law Anymore

It's a phenomenon 21 year old OU students are experiencing every day. Sociologists observe striking decrease in lawbreaking behavior after students turn 21.

Disgraceful: 10 Terrible Christmas Trees at Ohio University

A careful look at the tree selection at Ohio University has proven that this campus isn’t taking the happiest time of year very seriously.

OU Students “Too Jazzed” for Santa Fest to Care About MAC Championship Game

Many Ohio University students, are simply “too jazzed” about Santa Fest to concern themselves with football at this time.

6 Things You Won’t Miss About OU Over Break

We all love OU. Everyone knows we love OU. But seriously, you won’t miss these six super annoying things about Ohio University.