Amy Schmitt

Amy Schmitt

Chief Campus Editor

Ohio University
Disgraceful: 10 Terrible Christmas Trees at Ohio University

A careful look at the tree selection at Ohio University has proven that this campus isn’t taking the happiest time of year very seriously.

OU Students “Too Jazzed” for Santa Fest to Care About MAC Championship Game

Many Ohio University students, are simply “too jazzed” about Santa Fest to concern themselves with football at this time.

6 Things You Won’t Miss About OU Over Break

We all love OU. Everyone knows we love OU. But seriously, you won’t miss these six super annoying things about Ohio University.

10 Beautifully Crispy Leaves Just Begging To Be Crunched At OU

Here are 10 dry, dead, crispy golden brown leaves on campus that are just begging to be crunched.

If OU Colleges Were Snapchat Filters

Here at The Black Sheep, we're committed to roasting all colleges at OU fairly and equally using Snapchat filters. We hope you enjoy the following zingers.

Logan Paul to Re-Enroll at OU Following Vine Closure

OU-student-turned-internet-entertainer Logan Paul has announced he has reapplied at Ohio University for the upcoming spring semester.

The Unwritten Rules of Dressing Slutty for HallOUween

Halloween is something else, especially here at Ohio University. Here are the 6 unwritten rules of dressing slutty on HallOUween.

Clown Sighting on College Green Actually Just Bill Clinton

Don’t worry, folks! That clown you saw on College Green Tuesday morning? That was just Bill Clinton.

Top 2 Best Ways to Look Before Crossing Jeff Hill

A comprehensive list of the best ways to look before crossing Jeff Hill, which is now a two-way road. There used to be one best way, but now there are two.

If OU Campus Buildings Were Renamed By a 10-Year-Old

Who named these buildings anyway? 10-years-olds like to tell it like it is; no sugar-coating, no nonsense, no naming buildings after dead guys.