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Talk of Shame Episode 4: Always Tell Your Friends When their Makeup Looks Bad

In Episode 4 Mackenzie, Addie, and Andrea discuss how to be a good friend in regards to your cakey makeup.

Talk of Shame Episode 1: That One Time with the Bandaid…

In the inaugural episode of Talk of Shame we get to know Mackenzie, Andrea, and Addie, learn about "proper" dick pic etiquette.

Top 5 Chicago Drunk Food Spots as Told by Stefon from SNL

Drunk people means drunk food, so our city correspondent Stefon clued us in on the best places to eat this summer.

QUIZ: Are You a Slug or Just a College Student without a Summer Internship?

So, you were too lazy to go apply for any internships this summer and now you're sitting sweaty in your parents' basement. Sounds like you might be a slug.

Tyler Dorsey Disappointed He Won’t Actually Get to Participate in Spring Break this Year

Most of the team was excited by UO's narrow victory, however Tyler Dorsey was disappointed to learn that he won’t be able to go on spring break this year.

QUIZ: Can We Guess Which MSU Bar You had Your First Sloppy Make Out in?

We know most of you were probably caught in one of those wooden booths at Rick’s, but we know some of you were more adventurous than the average rat.

MSU Frat Boy No Longer Able to Guarantee Taking Home a Drunk White B*tch Every Weekend

After a leasing issue with the Abbott to M.A.C. block of Grand River, Conrad’s College Town Grill has been forced to temporarily close.

6 Things Sure to Piss Off Your Stupid Dumb Family While You’re Home for Break

While all of your friends are headed to Colorado for winter break to go skiing, your mom convinced you she would die if she didn’t see you come home.

Booze Review: Dirty Tequila

Have you ever craved tequila only to be disappointed by the lack of dirty alcohol in your liquor cabinet? Well then buddy, Dirty Tequila is for you.

Judgmental Maps of the *Important* B1G 10 Stadiums

Each stadium is unique in it's own special way, full of it's own unique fans who choose to sit in the same unique place every time their team plays in town.