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Andrew Adams

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UNCC Majors Renamed to Fit What They Actually Are

We have compiled a list of honest names for some of the majors here at UNCC, so nobody is left in the dark on what they have to offer.

Coach Lambert Searching Local Prisons for Next UNCC Quarterback

In search of a new quarterback for the football program, Coach Lambert was found scouting the local correctional institutes for UNCC's next big talent.

Giraffe Mom S*** Talks New York Zoo Giraffe for Not Giving Birth Yet

On March 9th, the infamous internet troll, Giraffe enthusiast, and Myrtle Beach native Erin Dietrich, otherwise known as “Giraffe Mom” gave birth to her first son. Giraffe Mom acquired her internet popularity by posting a live stream of her strutting around her bedroom in a rubber giraffe mask as a parody of the pregnant giraffe […]

VENN DIAGRAM: UNCC Transfer Students vs. Non-Transfer Students

There are two categories of students that attend UNCC: students that transfer in, and students who don’t transfer in to UNCC. In other words, the elite and the dregs.

NASA: New Exoplanets Have Milkshake Lakes, Probably

“They may, or may not possibly have the environment to be inhabitable by humans because of the surface having the chance of being dotted by milkshake lakes”

Top 10 Places to do Yoga at UNCC

Break out your yoga pants or best cut-off jean shorts and find your inner peace on UNCC's campus with the best places to do yoga.

UNCC Continues to Keep Alarming News a Secret

From a trespasser in the dorms to a rape on campus, the university administration is ~really great~ at not letting students know what the f**k is going on.

Falcons Premature Champagne Celebration Leads to Unexpected Loss

The Falcons’ premature champagne shower at halftime might have been the reason why they ended up losing Super Bowl 51. According to the NFL’s top football scientists, the Falcons had a 99% chance of winning following a stellar first-half putting the Falcons ahead 21-3 over the Patriots. Falcons’ Head Coach, Dan Quinn, stated that “it […]

The Ultimate Ranking of UNCC Frats and Their Letters

Bid day is (probably?) coming up soon, and we're here to help. Narrow down the search for the perfect UNCC fraternity for you.

Response: An Open Letter to “What It’s Like Living Non-Greek in Greek Village”

A Greek life representative reached out to us after the article "What It's Like Living Non-Greek in Greek Village" in an open letter response.