Andrew Masten

Andrew Masten

Chief Campus Editor

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The 7 Sexiest Buildings at NC State

NC State is home to one of the top Architecture programs in the country and it really shows in the buildings around campus.

NC State Majors Renamed to Fit What They Actually Are

To aid those looking for the right major, here's a list of honest names of the majors, so nobody is left in the dark on what our “great” school has to offer

The Definitive NC State Pre-Spring Break To-Do List

With Spring Break all but here, The Black Sheep has made a list of everything you need to do before it starts.

5 Ways NC State’s Campus Can Get You Beach Bod Ready in a Week

With Spring Break approaching fast, here are a few ways you can make NC State's campus work for you in your journey for a perfect beach bod

Krispy Kreme Challenge Donates Hundreds of Gallons of Vomit to Fountain Dining Hall

Every year the proceeds are donated to the North Carolina Children’s hospital, and all the vomit is donated to Fountain Dining Hall.

QUIZ: Can We Guess Where You Study Based on These Questions?

As the semester starts to rev up, people are going to start flocking to the library. Let us figure out which library you are flocking to.

Embarrassed Coach K Puts Team in Timeout After Loss to NC State

After an embarrassing loss to an unranked NC State team, Coach K called his whole team into his hospital room

5 Things to Buy in Preparation for the Next North Carolina Snow Storm

Weather reports claim Raleigh could see anywhere from 3 to 9 inches of snow. Here's what to help you brave the upcoming winter weather.

Sexiest NC State Basketball Players Based on Only Their Names

With a very disappointing football season coming to a close this past week, it is time to set our sights toward a new hope… Basketball.

NC State’s 7 Sexiest Alumni of All Time

It can be pretty hard to believe that all these sexy people are in one place. Who is the sexiest person to ever attend NC State?