Andrew Rogers

Andrew Rogers

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University of Missouri
An Interview with Mizzou’s IT Department: Students Watching ‘The Nasty’

We at The Black Sheep spoke with Mizzou's IT department on how they handle people that just can’t wait to make it back to their dorm room to rub one out.

5 Ways to Avoid Being Handed Sh*t in Speaker’s Circle

Speaker’s Circle: It’s supposed to be a place where free speech is encouraged and practiced openly, but mostly they just hand you flyers and shit.

A New and Improved Mizzou Fight Song

We at The Black Sheep have taken the liberty of updating the fight song to ensure a bit more accuracy on game days at the zou.

6 Classes Brad Pitt Could Take to Fulfill His Last Credit Hour at Mizzou

In case you never paid attention to your Summer Welcome Leader, one of Mizzou’s most notable alumni happens to be Brad Pitt.