Andy Torres

Andy Torres

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SU Grandparent Still Unclear on Results of SU vs. Clemson Game

Although most left the dome with a sense of pride for the Orange, there was one Syracuse grandparent who was unsure as to what had occurred.

Student Requests Health Services ‘@’ Her For Syracuse Mumps Updates

A student was outraged that the Office of Health Services failed to “@” her in Syracuse mumps updates sent out via email to the student body.

7 Ways To Avoid #TotesLiterallyDying During Syracuse Midterm Week

Syracuse midterm week is coming up and you’ve been considering dropping out, but here are some ways to avoid #LiterallyDying during the week.

SU Chancellor on ‘Social Blackout’ Following Dinner Gone Wrong

Syverud was put on “social blackout” following an unregistered event that he describes as “a celebration dinner gone terribly aweso—I mean, wrong.”

4 SU Faculty Members Who Are Definitely Otto the Orange

Otto the Orange isn’t your estranged roommate. Don't' believe us? Here are four SU faculty members who are definitely Otto the Orange: