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The 5 Best Places You Can Park at UConn Without Getting a Ticket

Are you broke from parking overnight at the wrong lot for multiple nights? Here are some underrated parking spots on campus to avoid the ol' orange envelope

The New and Not So Sexy Homer B: A Review

There's a seductive ambiance to the new Homer B, but the real question is if it's still possible to do the things you used to do in the library i.e. shit on the bathroom floor.

The 5 Most Underrated Bathrooms at UConn

From the dumpster behind Ted's to the tennis courts by C-Lot, these are the most undderrated bathrooms at UConn to take a quick pee/oop before class.

7 Ways the North Eagleville Construction is Ruining Everything

Although the university has drawn paw prints on the ground to help you navigate, those paw prints won't lead your drunk ass home.

Top 5 Ways to Seduce Strangers at the Beanery

The bright red Ikea couches, random creepy old men, and jazz tunes bumping in the back... something about The Beanery makes people hot 'n heavy.

5 Ways to Accept Defeat and Fail Your Classes Like a True Husky

Nothing pairs better with stressing over the future than four Nickel nights in a row, so go hard and we’ll see you in the fall, Huskies!

A High Review of Every Cookie Available at UConn

We got high and reviewed every goddamn cookie we could get our hands on on this campus, from Subway to Grab 'n Go, here's your ranking you heathens.

10 Places to Cry at UConn Because Midterms Are Almost Here and Everything is Going to Suck Soon

Six consecutive weeks of Nickel has a way of messing with your memory, so count all those missed lectures as lost and curl up at one of the following places to cry about it.

The 5 Most Lit Spots at UConn, In Case You Drank Yourself into Amnesia Over Break

Assuming you drowned yourselves in liquor over break, and then again during the inauguration, maybe we should all get reaquainted with UConn's hotspots.

HuskyCT 11:59:59 Deadlines Send Campus Into Chaos

"Sometimes I sit at my computer with a glass of wine, watching assignments get rejected as they come in past 11:59:59," said one professor.