Austin Cassell

Austin Cassell

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Florida State University
FSU Fraternities Ranked By What Their Name Kinda Sounds Like

Nothing is more fun and cool than placing your peers into made up tiers. Thats why the staff at The Black Sheep have put together a list of some of FSU’s...

Have You Seen Moonlight? Well Here’s the Gist So You Don’t Feel Dumb Around Barry Jenkins Tonight

Have you seen Moonlight? FSU Alumni Barry Jenkins is coming here to Ruby Diamond to speak about his movie tonight. Moonlight, his second feature length film

FSU Professor “Not an Artist” But “You Get the Gist”

Early Thursday morning, panic shook a small ‘Intro to Short Story’ classroom after their sophisticated and okay-dressed professor, Chrispy Cobalt, revealed

The 5 Types of People at HCB That Every FSU Student Meets

One of the greatest parts of going off to university is meeting new people: weird people, fun people, loud people, angry people, sad people, invisible...

The 5 Best Places in Tally to Stuff Your Dumb Mouth For $3 or Less

Eating is hard. How does one chew? How does one suck? How does one make the food go from ones idiot mouth to their stomach? Intestines are so long...

WOW: This FSUPD Officer Gave Up Everything to Connect with Local Students

It’s no secret that, according to Facebook, current tensions between police officers and civilians are palpable. The freedom of social media has undoubtedly

James Fletcher Dilmore Nowhere to be Found Because He is Made of Ants

Following last week’s serious accusations of brazen embezzlement and sexual harassment, another shocking truth regarding the impropriety of former FSU...

5 Ways to Get Around Tallahassee if You Have Extra Time Before Class

If you don’t want to be assassinated, it’s important to change up your routine every now and then. Here are some ways to get to class if you have extra time