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Ben Ebert

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12 Things to Get Your Grubby Hands On Before You Leave UMN

College graduation offers a bundle of mixed feelings. Some students are jubilant at conquering the institution that is college, while others know they’re going to miss Goldy’s warm embrace. Although most of us feel like we’re leaving college as useless as a wet towel, that doesn’t mean our college career has to be a complete […]

CLA Student Brags About Still Being High from 4/20

For some of UMN students, 4/20 isn’t just another day of the year, it’s a way of life.

Top 7 Ways to Prep for Spring Jam

Considering you’re paying $25 to attend, it would be wise to get the most bang for your buck by preparing for this seminal college experience.

Carlson Student Shunned After Wearing Jeans to Class

“I either had to wear dress pants and not shave, or put on blue jeans and give myself time to shave," Brown said.

Top 6 Ways to Completely Piss off a Gopher

Nowadays it’s nearly impossible not to offend people, leading to people shouting about why their political opinions justify their anger. But for us Gophers, there are just some certain things that make us grind our giant teeth. 6.) Explaining That College “Towns” Have the Best College Experience: No go ahead, please tell us how fucking great […]

CSCL Students Protest After Learning Espresso Royale is a Chain

We have seen many protest throughout the year in reaction to America’s political climate. None of them, however, strike home more than the current protest of Espresso Royale, a protest of what appears to be solely made up of white male CSCL students. Kevin Marx, head of the protest and CSCL major here at the University, […]

8 Sobering Epiphanies About Things at UMN

There is still something special about epiphanies, when that light bulb goes on in your head and you're aware of how much that statue outside Folwell looks like a dick.

LEAKED: Kaler’s Spring Break Itinerary

We put two and two together and deciphered the napkin to share Kaler’s quintessential plans for spring break 2017

UMN Majors Renamed to Fit What They Actually Are

To avoid wasting four years of your life , here are the honest names for commonly misleading majors at the University of Minnesota.

Donut Showdown: Sssdude-Nutz vs. Tim Hortons

The world has seen the French Revolution and the American Civil War, but now it must endure another war: The War for Dinkytown Donut Dominance.