Ben Goren

Ben Goren

7 Things UGA Freshmen Are Told That They’re Already Well Aware of

Clearly you're a smart, capable human being, but that won’t stop people 6 months your senior from giving you all this sage advice.

Georgia Loses G Day to Tennessee by Hail Mary All the Way from Tennessee’s Spring Game

In an unexpected yet typical twist of fate for UGA football, Georgia lost Saturday’s G Day game to the Tennessee Volunteers.

UGA Words You’ve Been Saying Wrong

Too many of us fail to respect the UGA vernacular, mispronouncing the names of the people and places that make up our UGA family, which is plain not cool.

Athens Good Hygiene Committee Has Awful Time at Shower Cap

The committee members made the best of a poor situation by handing out wetnaps to greasy partygoers and trimming the nails of passed out patrons.

LEAKED: What UGA Tour Guides Actually Have Written On Their Notecards

Being a tour guide takes a lot of memorization, charisma, and concealer to hide last night’s hickeys from potential donors and students’ mothers.

How to Be a Door Guy in Athens – A Step by Step Guide

  So that fraternity brother of yours that works downtown has finally been promoted to bar back, and has thrust upon you the entry-level door guy job. Ah, such is the fraternal circle of life. But now that you’ve been handed the bartar-coated reins, where to begin? This step by step guide will have you […]

7 Things You’ve Fooled Yourself into Believing About UGA

We shall be fooled no more, as long as you stop believing these seven things you’ve fooled yourself into believing about UGA.

Displeased Zeus Punishes Returning UGA Spring Breakers with Winter in March

A mix-up of mythological proportions occurred this past week when UGA’s campus fell victim to an insufferable cold-snap following spring break.

5 Luxuries from Your Parents’ House Your Athens’ Residence Really Needs (But Doesn’t Deserve)

It’s an opportunity to borrow (i.e. steal) some of the luxuries your salary-making parents take for granted each day.

Highlights from Oscars Opening Monologue by President Morehead

UGA President Morehead was asked to fill in for Jimmy Kimmel last minute as the host of the 89th annual Academy Awards. Turns out, he was quite the hit.