Ben Knapp

Ben Knapp

BREAKING: Free Red Swimsuit Scam Allegedly Organized By Brother Jed

If you happened to peep Instagram yesterday, you more than likely noticed a picture of a girl in a one-piece red swimsuit dipping her feet into a pool.

6 Arguments STL and Chicago Students Have at Mizzou

Bottles upon bottles of Old Style and Schlafly have been busted on the heads of countless St. Louisans and Chicagoans amidst drunken arguments.

Mizzou’s Delta Upsilon Presents: Kendrick Lamar LIVE at Roxy’s TONIGHT

In a stunning turn of events, Kendrick Lamar will be headlining a surprise performance sponsored by suspended fraternity Delta Upsilon at Roxy's!

6 Revolutionary Ways Mizzou Football Can Get Back on Top

Things are looking pretty great for Mizzou Basketball next season, but what about good ole Tiger football?Here's how we can recover from last season's mess.

7 Apologies All Tigers Owe Their Livers Right Now

There’s simply one word to describe the week-long bender which occurred on all SB destinations: Unforgiving.Now it's time to beg our livers for forgiveness.

A Timeline of Going to El Rancho Completely Sober

On a cloudy Sunday afternoon, I start making my way to the infamous drunchie Mexican cuisine of Columbia - El Rancho. Except this time, I was sober...

QUIZ: Which Trops Flavor are You?

Spring has officially arrived in CoMo. Time to head to Trops for the best frozen drinks in town! Does your flavor of choice match your level of alcoholism?

Top 5 Potential Replacements for Kim Anderson

The latest power move of Mizzou’s garbage fire of a season occurred on Sunday, as Kim Anderson’s departure from the men’s basketball head coaching position.

Mizzou Student Does the Impossible by Looking Cool While Running with Backpack Through Quad

A man in his late-teens to early twenties, presumably a Mizzou student, ran across the the Quad at around 1:59 PM in an attempt to not be late to class.