Ben Lewis

Ben Lewis


Marketing Students Try to Get Professor Fired, Ace Class in Process

Chaos reigned in MKT 327 as students protested the professor’s decision to institute a closed book cumulative final after a semester of open note exams.

6 Buildings to Flip Off Before You Leave Campus for Good

As you leave campus and start the next chapter of your life, be sure to flip off these buildings one last time.

QUIZ: Can We Guess Your Depressing Summer Plans?

Spartans Will…spend their summers doing a multitude of things like working, interning, or maybe even suffering through a summer class.

Hiring of Danton Cole Reminds People that MSU Still Has a Hockey Team

Danton Cole was hired to replace Tom Anastos as the head coach of the MSU ice hockey team, forcing students to acknowledge the existence of the team.

6 Best Places to Sob Alone on MSU’s Campus

With finals, graduation, and the inevitable heat death of the universe approaching, sometimes you just need to take a few minutes to cry alone.

QUIZ: Do You Really Belong at MSU or Are You U of M Trash?

Everyone wants to be a Spartan. We’re the cool sibling of every other college in Michigan. Unfortunately, not everyone belongs on the banks of the Red Cedar

Making History: Both MSU Teams Lose Spring Game

Leading up to Saturday’s big spring game, analysts were projecting a normal day for the Spartans, in which one of the teams would win. Instead, the Spartans are officially the first college football team in history to somehow find a way to lose their spring game. “It’s truly an unprecedented feat,” said ESPN college football […]

6 Things You Fool Yourself into Believing About MSU

April Fool’s Day is supposed to be a day dedicated to harmless pranks played on others, but sometimes the biggest victim of our tricks is ourselves.

QUIZ: Where Will You Sh*t Yourself on MSU’s Campus?

Accidents happen.The location of your gastrointestinal disaster can say a surprising amount about your personality.

The 5 Stages of March Madness at MSU

As 68 teams fight it out for the championship, Spartans everywhere are quickly succumbing to the madness – the March Madness.