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Brandon Janeway

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QUIZ: Should You go DT during Finals?

We here at The Black Sheep have used our highly technical tools to make a very scientific quiz that will determine if you should go downtown this finals week.

Gordon Ramsay Roasts UGA Dining Halls

The man has gained a reputation for roasting pseudo-chefs on twitter and based off his critiques we think he could do some good for the UGA dining commons.

QUIZ: Are You Actually a Dawg or Are You Tech Trash?

Could it be that you are secretly a Yellow Jacket and lying to yourself and the rest of the Dawg nation?

LEAKED: What UGA Tour Guides Actually Have Written On Their Notecards

Being a tour guide takes a lot of memorization, charisma, and concealer to hide last night’s hickeys from potential donors and students’ mothers.

QUIZ: Which Part of Campus Are You Based On Your Tastes In the Athens Music Scene?

One of the things that makes Athens the hip place you want to take photos of for Instagram is its robust music scene. There is a wide range of different venues and stylings that can satisfy anyone’s musical taste whether you enjoy some obscure alternative artist no one will ever know, or just like seeing […]

6 Excuses To Get You Out of That Millionth UGA Parking Ticket

The Black Sheep has come up with some of the best excuses to appeal your ticket that are guaranteed to save you the hefty fine.

QUIZ: How Screwed Are You For The Rest of The UGA Semester?

There’s not much time left in the year which means that isn’t a lot of time to save your ass or your GPA that you’ve abused all year long.

The UGA Pre-Spring Break To-Do List

There are only a few days left until UGA's Spring Break, but that doesn't mean that your life is in orderly enough to be ready to actually leave.

7 Food Items You Would Never Crave if You Had Never Been on a 7-Day UGA Meal Plan

Everyone falls victim to those late-night food cravings, but with the 7-day meal plan at UGA, the struggle is very real.

5 Ways To Know If Your UGA Bus Driver Is Cool

There isn’t a lot of time to decide if your UGA Bus driver is cool or just some plain ole shmuck who’s in it for the money.