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Brandon Janeway

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6 Excuses To Get You Out of That Millionth UGA Parking Ticket

The Black Sheep has come up with some of the best excuses to appeal your ticket that are guaranteed to save you the hefty fine.

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The UGA Pre-Spring Break To-Do List

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7 Food Items You Would Never Crave if You Had Never Been on a 7-Day UGA Meal Plan

Everyone falls victim to those late-night food cravings, but with the 7-day meal plan at UGA, the struggle is very real.

5 Ways To Know If Your UGA Bus Driver Is Cool

There isn’t a lot of time to decide if your UGA Bus driver is cool or just some plain ole shmuck who’s in it for the money.

President Morehead Signs Executive Order Banning UNG Students from Athens Bars

A shockwave has rippled through Athens as President Morehead has recently signed an executive order that will ban all UNG students from Athens Bars.

QUIZ: Can We Guess Your Major Based Off Your DT Athens Habits

Each major has their own unique habits that go with their downtown lifestyle and we want to point them out.

6 Documentaries Netflix Should Make About UGA

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UGA Coffee Wars: Tate Starbucks vs. MLC Jittery Joes

We have dissected the conflict to give you a little insight into which side you may fall on during this struggle.

Best UGA Campus Spots for Seductive Tinder Profile Pics

Let’s be honest, no one is going to want to swipe right when half of your pics are of you & your mother, its little off-putting when you’re looking for sex.