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Brandon Janeway

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Sign The Petition To Make UGA Cross Walk Voices Sexier

If you’re with us--which you should be--sign our petition to make UGA crosswalks sexier, once and for all! End the tyranny of robot voices!

MTV Reality Shows They Should Make About UGA

We all know Athens is home to its fair share of MTV reality show worthy drama. So why has it taken them this long to start producing these shows?

4 Things To Do When Irma’s Wet Fingers Touch Athens

We've all heard by now that Athens is in the direct path of Hurricane Irma. Here are some things you can do in addition to your preparations.

Alt-Right-Handed Rally To Occur at Sanford Stadium

We're all familiar with the alt-right movement that is gaining traction all over the United States, but this is a different kind of alt-right entirely.

6 Controversial Statues UGA Should Erect On Campus

With all of the chaos going on in Charlottesville right now, we thought it best to rethink some of our own statues here at UGA.

UGA to Replace all Other Buildings in Continued Terry Expansion

UGA has decided to do away with all other buildings dedicated to it's various majors and colleges in order to continue its Terry College expansion.

How To Assert Your Dominance In The First Week Of Classes At UGA

This step by step guide will help you assert your dominance during the first week of classes at UGA.

UGA to Protests Incoming Freshmen Class Size

A massive demonstration is taking place by the current UGA student population. Their goal is to limit the incoming freshmen population to approximately 14..

QUIZ: Should You go DT during Finals?

We here at The Black Sheep have used our highly technical tools to make a very scientific quiz that will determine if you should go downtown this finals week.

Gordon Ramsay Roasts UGA Dining Halls

The man has gained a reputation for roasting pseudo-chefs on twitter and based off his critiques we think he could do some good for the UGA dining commons.